Media Ingenuity Group is a leading digital media business focused on consumer finance

We’re on a mission to deliver the best online comparison tools and financial products that allow people to make smarter decisions. We’re also a centre of excellence in marketing.

Our Brands

  • is already one of the most visited credit comparison destinations in the UK. We’re now aiming to change the game altogether by developing a revolutionary approach to credit comparison.

  • Fluid. An online only personal finance brand with a suite of distinctly different products based around the core values of speed, ease and value.

  • More than half a million people have applied for the Granite card.

  • One of the UK’s best credit cards for people with poor credit. We’ve tried to create a card that is a bit more friendly. If you’ve got poor credit or have had a CCJ you could be accepted. It’s been designed with the kind of a perks you’d expect from some of the more ‘exclusive’ credit cards.